A Tree For Life Custom Formulated Organic Fertilizer for Trees, Shrubs & Lawns

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About Us

Custom Formulated Organic Fertilizer for Trees, Shurbs & Lawns

Our strengths are in our organic fertilizer and our personal service. Only A Tree For Life carries custom formulated organic fertilizer and the obvious improvement it will have to your lawn, shrubs, and trees. As a side benefit, this product is very friendly not only to children, but also to the birds, and our four footed friends. If you live in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph or the surrounding area A Tree For Life has the product, the application services, and the personal care your lawn, shrubs, and trees need. You'll not be disappointed.

We Care About the Details

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood.