"As the custom fertilizer formulator, I can affirm that the ingredients used in their product are of the highest quality and exclusive to "A Tree For Life.

Charlie. Dunsmore, 
Quality Fertilizers Inc.

"Since 1991, A Tree for Life has provided plant health care to our trees, shrubs and lawns at all of the properties in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph. He provides a customized formulated organic formula.

"Our trees, shrubs and lawns are all of superior quality. When we compare the trees and shrubs on our properties to trees at 'non-treated' properties, we take great pride in seeing that our trees and shrubs are full and vibrant and have survived various diseases and weather fluctuations. 
       "We appreciate our long term relationship. We know that we can trust A Tree For Life with his overall care which includes his astute observations, recommendations and follow-up.” 

M. Balnar
Chief Operations Officer
Balnar Management Ltd.

"As a customer for over 20 years with A Tree For Life, I’ve experienced, first hand, the necessity and value of a complete plant health care program."
A. Anderson